Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Niecphew!

I'm going to be an auntie again! Baby short-stuff niece, Lil T, is going to be a big sister! Eee! Pretty exciting stuff, so I had to be sure to send a congratulations card to my bro and sil. Before Lil T's arrival I made a pretty cute congratulations card, half blue and half pink with some purple in the middle since we did not yet know her gender. This was before I was consistent with taking pictures of my cards so I don't have one to show you. I knew my new card would have to be different so the tykes wouldn't judge me and resent me for being a lazy copier. Again we do not yet know niecphew's gender so I went with non-gender-specific greens and yellows. I made this during my crafting frenzy last week but had to wait for bro and sil to get it in the mail before I could post it. I will admit that I used the same sentiment in each card, but honestly babies really are a nice way to start people.

Welcome Little One
HA Clear Design Baby Boy and Baby Girl sets


"Babies are such a nice way to start people" A quote by Don Herald taken from a Penny Black stamp

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Birthday

I loved the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder from the very first time I saw someone use it. Then I saw a few cards where the entire front of the card was Swiss Dots with a small stamped image and knew that not only did I need to find that folder stat, but I would have to make a card like that myself. So I did! I call this one Little Birthday because it is slightly smaller than a standard sized card to avoid a border of blank space the embossing folder wouldn't reach. If you're interested I just measured it and it is approx 3.75" x 5" - I didn't pick the measurements but happened to have a scrap piece of card stock that worked.

Little Birthday
HA Clear Design Number Zero


{wishing you a one-of-a-kind BIRTHDAY}
HA Clear Design Birthday Messages

Little Reminders

Six or so weeks ago, an email was sent on my behalf around the office telling everyone about my participation in the upcoming 3-Day walk. I've had a lot of responses! All very positive and sometimes glowing. I knew this walk would be an amazing life experience but I was a little unprepared for all the warm fuzzies I'd feel before the actual event. I do have a little bit of a hard time when it comes to asking people for donations, but I wanted to remind everyone that they could still donate if they wanted to. I thought to myself, "what could be less pesky than something crafted coupled with cookies? Nothing!" I had all sorts of visions of cute little bags of cookies with little reminder tags on them. But then I got to thinking about how green my office is and I wasn't sure I'd want to walk in with individually wrapped things that could work just as easily in Tupperware. I could have looked for little kraft paper bags, but I worry about the butter in the cookies leaving greeze marks which is never appetizing. Ultimately I decided to go the big Tupperware container route as a free for all. I made a little card to put in front of the container and about 8 little business type cards with my walk web address that people can take.

Here is the little announcement card:

Oh yes that does say "and/or organic apples." We have a few people in our office who are very conscious of what they eat so I wanted to be thoughtful and have snack options for everyone.

These are the business cards. The logo is the official downloadable Walker Logo from the 3-Day website. I only put ribbons on half of them, haven't decided yet if I should ribbon them all. Decisions are hard.

Overall it isn't my grand vision of precious cookie favor bags, but I like what I've made and it is a lot less work for an outcome that is somewhat of an unknown anyway.

5 Thank Yous

Yesterday was a marvelously successful Thank You day! I quickly and easily pinked up the original TY I showed you yesterday by adding a ribbon. Yes that is a pink staple. You will see from the next post that I learned a little later on that two staples work better at keeping the ribbon in the proper position. It was too late to add a second to this one, but I still like it!

Pinked Many Many

Next up are 4 unique new TYs! I was a busy crafting bee yesterday. You'll notice I continued with the rounded edge theme. My corner rounder is getting pretty dull. The first two use HA Clear Design Thank You Messages, the second two use HA Clear Design Anytime Messages.

Thank You One

Thank You

Thank You Three

Thank You Four

(Aside: You know what would make this last one cuter? More rounded edges!

Now I just need to write in them and send them off!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This week has been super craftacular for me. Not only did I craft on Monday and Tuesday, but Lysa and I went to a Stampin' UP! 101020 class on Thursday! I've really been on a roll these past two weeks. No guarantees on how long I'll keep this up for, but let me just tell you I've been enjoying it thoroughly.

Other things bloggy: You may have noticed that I changed my blog URL. Though now I'm in a quandary of how I should electronically sign my pictures. My blog title
is still Designs By Meg after all, but I like Meg Becka too. Since it appears to be an impossible decision for me, today's card pictures are going to be nekkid. {Subsequent Edit: I decided.}

On that note, let's get started! This is the new Thank You card I made on Tuesday. I have about 5 extended family members to thank for 3 Day donations. I was ge
tting pretty bored with making the same one over and over, so I came up with this to mix things up. I'm a little disappointed that there's no pink included at all since that is the color of support. I'm going to see if I can find a way (that I like) to pink it up a little. I also have 4 more Thank Yous to tackle, maybe I'll come up with something new and better.

Many Many Thanks

Hero Arts Clear Design Thank You Messages

Now for the Stampin' UP! cards. This was really a fun night, and actually historic in that somehow it was the first time Lysa and I have ever crafted together! I got to use some new fun tools that I've always wanted to try but couldn't bring myself to buy just yet, like the stamp-a-ma-jig and glue dots. Not sure I'm going to rush out for the jig even though I really liked it. I probably will get some glue do
ts though, they were so much better than using liquid glue for ribbon in particular. There are ten cards total (101020 = 10 cards, 10 mins or less each, all for $20) so I grouped them together for some shots to share. It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm leaning toward the cupcake with the 'make a wish' sentiment in the first group. I absolutely love the note book paper punch! Which is apparently exclusive to SU and actually called the 'spiral punch.' I dig! I also love the mini clip and the glitter. Normally I'm not a fan of pink and orange together, but in both of the P&O cards below I think it works well. The SU cards were all designed by demonstrator and host Rhonda:

Group One

Group Two

Group Three

I have a few things I'm working on today, like the aforementioned Thank Yous, but also some donation reminders. Depending on my success I might even post again this weekend!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

October Fun in September

This post is the culmination of two weekends worth of crafting for the heck of it. Though with so many holidays coming up next month I decided to take a crack at crafting for them! By "so many" I really just mean two, Dad's Birthday and Halloween.

I'll start with Dad's Birthday since it occurs in the first half of the month. This is my preliminary Dad Birthday 08 card. I'd like to play with a few more birthday cards for fun. I like how this one is customized. If you can't tell with the shoddy photography the 14 in the date circle is stamped in red, as you may deduce that is Dad's birthday. From here I see two things happening: 1. I make a few more birthday cards and pick the best out of those, 2. I get lazy again and procrastinate on the crafting and then have to use this one because it's the only one I have.

Dad's Birthday 08
Hero Arts Clear Design Month October
Hero Arts Clear Design Birthday Messages
Light and Dark Blue Colored Staples

Now moving along to Halloween I'm really pleased with what I have so far. One standard card and two shorties! I still have a bunch of ideas for more cards too! I figure if I go crazy and make a bunch more I can give them to my 3-Day team along with my family. So even though it pains me to post these and ruin the surprise for who I may send them to, here they are:

Happy Halloween!
Doodlebug Halloween
Hero Arts Clear Design Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat Shorty
Doodlebug Halloween

Boo! Shorty
Doodlebug Halloween