Monday, June 30, 2008

Inchie by Inchie

Well I did not make it in time to enter the Hero Arts contest - but I took the time to make an inchie card tonight! Two actually but I have to wait until the other one is delivered to its new family before I go posting it here and ruining things. Both actually use all Hero Arts stamps so I really could have entered them. Oh well, it was just fun to make them. I have more inchie ideas in mind though now that I have all these new little Studio G sets!

Happy Inchie

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts Cherry Blossom Background
Hero Arts Sparkle Clear Happy Greetings
Cuttlebug D'Vine Swirl

Well my poor photography skills are at work again. I like the colors better on this attempt, but you can't see the embossed swirls as well. I shall never be a famous photographer. You'll have to take my word that there are embossed swirls on the black and that it looks really neat!

I'll post the other one later this week!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I call it "Stifled Creativity"

I live with my parents. Much to my dad's dismay I turned the dining room into my craft room for a few weeks. I was loving it! Plenty of room to stretch out and really get my creative juices flowing. Sadly, that ended tonight. Company will be over Wednesday night and apparently they will need somewhere to eat. Whatever. As I was looking at the now cleared off dining room table, I could see nothing but stifled creativity. Now, unfortunately, all the stuff that was on the table is now mostly on my bed instead. This will be annoying when I want to go to bed in about an hour. So naturally the best thing to do right now is take a break and upload some more photos to my blog.

I'm walking in
the Breast Cancer 3-Day this November. As one of my fundraisers I've decided to sell a set of cards! Tonight's post will be my fundraising cards. Without further ado:

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts CardArt Happy

Supplies Used:
Heidi Grace something or other for the border under the ribbon
Hero Arts ClearDesign Wishful Messages

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts ClearDesign Cupcakes
Hero Arts ClearDesign Wishful Messages

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts Happy Wavy Borders

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts Clear Design I Love My Dog

Supplies Used:
Hero Arts ClearDesign I Love My Cat

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

With both Lysa and Traci having craft blogs it really wasn't long until I started my own! Spinner cards are all the rage right now, so I thought I would start by sharing my spinner endeavors.

My very first attempt was Dad's Father's Day card. I went for a golf theme since we just finished a daddy-daughter golf outing and have another coming up soon. The golf ball goes from the tee up to the green.

Supplies used:

Two golf themed Jolee's sets
(The green with flag is from one set and all the other items are from another)

My second attempt was for another Father's Day card but this time for my brother. As you can deduce from the theme he likes sushi.

Supplies used:

Jolee's sushi set
Hero Arts ClearDesign Floral Borders

Finally my 3rd and most recent attempt at the spinner is for my niece Tailynn's first birthday card. I'm pretty proud of this one!

Supplies used:

Hero Arts ClearDesign Playful Animals
Heidi Grace Everyday Alpha
Jolee's Butterfly and Flower set

Thanks for looking!