Sunday, July 13, 2008


I have some small 3.5" x 3.5" envelopes that I've been wanting to use. Today's crafting-for-crafting's-sake was to make little cards so I could finally put the envelopes to use! If inch squares can be called inchies I've decided that these small cards should be called shorties. To keep with the short theme I made the first one for my favorite SIL and my most favorite baby, short-stuff, niece. The second I made entirely with my grandma's tiny dog in my lap. Quite a shorty day!

I started the cards to be just under 3.5" square and double checked they fit perfectly into the envelopes - perfecto! Then I added everything to the outside and naturally they no longer fit into the envelopes... the next shorties will be 3.25" square or less!

You Make Me So Happy (Inside: I could wag my tail.)

Clear Mini Stamps
Cuttlebug Tiny Bubbles
Color staples (been dying to use these too!)

Snag'em Stamps Flowers

Just for reference here are the shorties on top of a standard sized white card.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Something Tweet!

I've decided that I need to start making at least one card a week. Not for any occasion, but just because I want to! I have so many stamps and other supplies that I always want to use but they never seem to work for whatever occasion card I'm making. So now I will just make random cards for myself to share on this blog. Should any end up being used for later occasions then it will be a bonus.

Today's installment is "Something Tweet." Oh yes, very tweet. I've been wanting to use this lil Chickie since I got it. So here it is!

Something Tweet
Supplies Used:
Snag'em Stamps Chick
Cuttlebug Perfectly Paisley

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Don't you just love a good holiday? I know I sure do! Every year I always want to make 4th of July cards. I finally made my first one last year and I more or less wasn't terribly pleased with the outcome. This year's attempt is the other inchie card I mentioned last time, and kicks the pants off of last year's card. I still feel this isn't the best one I could ever make, but I think it's on the right track.

4th of July Inchie:
Supplies used:
Hero Arts ClearDesign Number Four
Hero Arts Sparkle Clear Happy Greetings