Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ms. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Well, this year's 3-Day is over and I just had my first weekend in over 6-months that was completely free! No walking, no feeling guilty about skipping walking, no thinking about fundraising. It has really been weird. I was extremely productive this weekend though: got my Christmas shopping 98% done, wrapped some of those presents, cleaned my room.

Even though I suddenly have all this time, I have done absolutely no crafting. I did do some craft shopping since I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for my Christmas cards. Can someone please explain to me when pink, gray, and black all became Christmas colors?!?! I wanted some new Christmas paper since my one mat stack from years past is now pretty picked through. I could not find one set of paper that I remotely liked. I couldn't even find single sheets I liked! Needless to say I was mad. I'm going to try and hit up the non-JoAnn's and non-Michael's stores later this week. I'm trying to be hopeful.

As I said, I cleaned my room. Most specifically I got really into cleaning up my craft corner - notice I didn't say craft "room." Living with my parents has put crafting in the corner {insert Dirty Dancing quote here}. One of the Hero Arts designers, Jennifer McGuire, posted a video of her room which is so amazing! I would maim for a room like hers! Add some puppies and cupcakes and it's a pretty close approximation to my image of heaven. I had wanted to post some pictures of my area anyway and now I feel extra possessed to showcase my tiny corner that I continually outgrow. I do feel like I've finally hit capacity, but I have felt that way before and found ways to manage.

From the Doorway:
- That would be my 3-Day camp gear in the immediate foreground. I unpacked and did laundry, just don't know where to store the gear yet!

- Did I mention it's mainly a bedroom?

The Naked Desk - In 3 angles:

Looking down to my left:
-The rolling case has all my non-12x12 stacks, my 3 sectioned containers of eyelets/brads/etc., and various colored pens.

Now lets look behind me - in 2 angles:

Over-packed tchotchke and book and craft storing going on here.

To My Right:
- I just measured, that's about 7.5 inches between my bed and the desk!

- That black thing bottom left would be my tiny chair, you can just about see my knee hitting the part of the desk to the left of my computer can't you?

So that's my space! All of it! When it's messy you can't see much carpet and the bed turns into additional craft area. The bookshelf always looks like a disaster even when organized so I don't try as hard with that anymore. Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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