Thursday, October 30, 2008

Precious Cookie Favor Bags - Outcome!

I may not have been overjoyed with the original bag tags, but I think the final results were fantastic! I revisited the masked animals, specifically the bear I originally put in costume (see here). I decided to definitely go the costume route, so after a little brainstorming and a little help from my friends we have:

Zorro Giraffe

Supplies for all:
HA Playful Animals
trusty black ultra fine point Sharpie
Provo Craft papers
DCWV black cardstock
Dashes, Dots, & Checks orange and purple ribbons
Offray black ribbon
Orange and Magenta Stickles

Super Bear
(thanks for the idea

Mummy Monkey

The Original Owl - can't improve upon perfection!

Blah blah blah, inconsistent photography, blah, the ribbon is more accurately purple in the owl shot.

They were such a hit at the sale today that they sold out in the first half hour - of the five hour sale! I was pretty stoked to see they were such a success. Well I'm sure the cookies factored into the deal too. Though my boss told me that she just had to have one of each animal. Fun day!

We have a face painter among our colleagues, she was busy this morning dolling everyone in the department up for the sale. I was a zombie and I must say I looked AWESOME! I came prepared wearing the mummy screen print tee from Target, and she let me borrow from her stash of wigs. Here I am in all my stunning, zombie glory!

Yes that is a fly (fake, natch) on my face - it was my favorite part!

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Lysa said...

SUPER CUTE- I love it all- even the zombie face!