Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thinking of Fall

Can I just say that Photoshop is amazing? I've been editing the balances on my pictures with free software that came with my camera. I was finally fed up with the results enough to decide to borrow some time with dad's Photoshop program on his computer. What a difference! Deep down in my heart I knew this would be the case, but I wasn't ready to admit just yet that my cheapo program could be inferior. The results still aren't as magnificent as if I had started with the midday sun light source, but they're acceptable enough for me that I entered this card and Live, Laugh, Love from my previous post into the Hero Arts contest last night.

I have two stacks of Making Memories papers, Live, Laugh, Love was complied from one of the stacks, so I wanted to give equal opportunity to the other. This second stack didn't seem to coordinate as well as the first, IMHO, so I only ended up using one sheet out of it. I also wanted to push myself some more with color. It's not a huge leap but I normally avoid orange! I was even surprised when I realized I had orange buttons, I only bought them because they were on clearance for $0.97, and look how well that worked out! Lesson learned, always impulse buy clearance items. The orange and browns feel super autumnal and even a bit Coldwater Creek. I almost did go completely fall inspired when I remembered I had a sentiment stamp "have a bountiful season" and a pumpkin stamp that isn't cartoony and cutesty. That was feeling too far out of my style though and I came up with the below instead.

Thinking of You

Making Memories Funky Vintage - Lizzie Collection
HA Playful Animals

I entered a few others into this weeks challenge too: A Day Sprinkled With Fun, Welcome Little One, and Thank Yous Two and Four. The winners of the masucline flair challenge were announced today - no win or honorable mention for me. With over 200 entries I wasn't really expecting to win, but it's fun to try anyways!


Arlene said...

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. Glad you're joining the entries. Great submissions:)

Clarian's Hawk on Hero Arts blog.

Manda*Michelle said...

your homemade cards are just fabulous! I love this orange one! :-)

and yes photoshop is a miracle :-p