Monday, October 13, 2008

There is Love

Don't tell, but I forgot a third October holiday. My parent's anniversary - shame on me! It is the 23rd so luckily I remembered with time to spare. I was also very interested in this week's Hero Arts contest: Patterned Paper. I'm no stranger to patterned paper but I wanted to do something more patterny than normal. Push my pattern boundaries, if you will. I must say that I love what came out of that! It is definitely more "loud" than anything I've ever made before, but that is actually what I love about it. This is also the first anniversary card I've made that I don't mostly hate.

Live, Laugh, Love

HA Clear Design L
Making Memories Embellishment Paper - Funky Vintage, Ruby Collection

I have yet to find a light source for my photography that I like as much as the midday sun. Unfortunately, during the week I don't get much midday sun (it would ruin my lovely complexion of 'office pale'), but by this weekend hopefully I'll get a shot of the card in the lighting that I prefer. I'm waiting till then to enter this one in the contest.

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