Sunday, October 26, 2008

Precious Cookie Favor Bags?!

Remember last month how I so desperately wanted to make precious cookie favor bags as 3-day reminders for my office but changed my mind last minute due to green concerns? (Memory refresher here) Well this coming Thursday my department is having a rummage and bake type sale with proceeds going to United Way. I volunteered to make cookies for the sale and was thinking (with growing excitement) that they would probably want these cookies individually wrapped somehow. So, I went to check with the woman in charge: "If you could wrap them in sets of two or three somehow that would be really great." Great? You mean AWESOME! My dream is coming true!

Except I'm kind of a downer on the results. I don't know if my craft wave is finally over, but the ideas just aren't flowing as well as they were last week. My visions of grandeur included 4 images and two other "main" colors (green and something else) and just more stuff. Maybe some patterned paper? They were going to be simple so it wouldn't be a pain to make 12 or however many. But below is what I have, and I think they're too simple, plain even. Plus I'm beyond mad that I don't have better nesting circles. I still have a little time, so I suppose I could go back to the craft stores and check for some better paper options. I could do squares instead of circles. I was originally contemplating borrowing the masked animals for this project, and I am now re-contemplating the idea. I won't make the cookies till later this week so the "cookies" in these pictures are spools of American Crafts ribbon. I'll post updates with the finished project.

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