Saturday, March 14, 2009

Shapes - Special Flower

The inside of this one is slightly confusing. I didn't really think it through as I was putting it together. You'll see when we get to the picture. This is another HA shape entry. I might play around with the sentiment to see if I can get it less "special."

DCWV patterned paper
JoAnn buttons
Embroidery floss

JoAnn swirl paper clips

Pink organdy ribbon

Pearl stickers

K & Co. gemstones
HA Anytime Messages

HA Letter L

Here you see regarding the sentiment placement, isn't exactly right. It would help if the y in the "you are" were capitalized so you could tell it was the begging of another sentiment. The two left side petals go together and the two top right petals go together. Reads: "There's no one like you" and "You are special to me." (I also could have taken the picture with the heart stamped petal pointing straight down so it would have been both left and both right. Oh well!)

The card spins open. I actually used a spinner apparatus (penny & pop dot sandwich) to allow for easy spinning, but it sits in a single circle instead of sliding through a channel.

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