Monday, May 25, 2009

Shiny, New Organization!

I was getting pretty frustrated with workspace, my actual work area was less than 12" x 12" and shrinking daily. Once again I was running out of space in my little corner. Enter Lysa with some helpful IKEA ideas! Hooray IKEA! And hooray for more space, I can't believe how much room I have now! I've spent more time sitting here staring at how pretty it is than actually working on anything!

I didn't think to take a before shot until it was too late. The previous pictures I have here are even astonishingly out of date, was that really 6 months ago? Man, I accumulate a lot of crepe in a short amount of time. Though you get the gist with the wall, nothing on it previously but a calendar and some misc pictures n' things.

Now for the big debut! Just one picture but you can click on it to enlarge for detail:

It's so shiny and new! Distracting in its beauty! (Just like me!)

Fun Fact: I have approximately one million brown buttons but exactly 5 yellow ones.


Lysa said...

Very Nice!

ashley said...

WOO organization!! You seem to have forgotton to put your 8 x 10 of me back up. Unless of course you've moved it to your night stand. Hm, may have gone too far there.